Mysterious Booms Across The United States, explanations and a list of “Boom Sightings”

Mysterious has compiled a list of reported booms across the country and we’re asking YOU to help us as the story continues to unfold.

If YOU heard or felt any of these, please leave comments on this link and where you “sighted” the boom as we intend to have a keep a list updated as a resource.

We’ve even included a recording of one of the booms from Indianapolis, Indiana along with a series of videos below.

These booms, which can often be as intense as a loud explosion, seemed to start around Sunday, January 5, 2013 in areas across Indiana and ranged from Arizona to Maryland. Though some reports show these have been going on for the last few weeks or longer.

Guthrie Oklahoma Mayor Chuck Burtcher claims that these booms are nothing new as there have been reports of residents in Guthrie for three months as they continue this week. (see video below)


UFO spaceships

While local media outlets have reported on this specific series of booms this week, no major media outlets like Fox, CNN MSBC have reported on the booms and at we are encouraging them to investigate.

As of Wednesday January 9,  it seems more a whisper of “boom” sightings. However, these unexplained events are now being discussed at an increasing rate on Twitter and Facebook. points to an explanation of major Earth changes “rattling the planet.” One independent blogger “stacemart” on thinks an oil exploration project. He mentions companies like Strand Energy is to blame for testing properties for minerals.

Another YouTube reporter TheUnitedKnowledge says he predicted all of this in December 2012.

While we are unsure of the degree of expertise and knowledge among some of these reporters giving predictions,  we  sharing them below on

As far as we know, the booms have been isolated to the United States. Suggestions have ranged from everything to precursors to Earthquake, aliens, UFO’s, government testing new aircraft. has no definitive explanation. However, we will continue to stay on top of the story and we ask for you post your comments and any “boom sightings” you’ve had or heard on this link.


List of States/Regions and News Reports of Booms


Tri-State Evansville, Indiana / Kentucky -

Massachusetts -

Oklahoma -

South Carolina -

Utah -

California -


“StaceMart” Gives Reasons for Booms


Booms recorded from an iPhone in Indianapolis


14 WFIE News Evansville, Indina “Boom” Report


14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

Guthrie Okalahoma


Forecasts of Earthquakes from TheUnitedKnowledge


Nuclear Explosion

5 Responses to “Mysterious Booms Across The United States, explanations and a list of “Boom Sightings””

  1. Mary Goebel says:

    the most recent we have heard them at my house was just last night. Just before 9 i think. We live on the NE side of Evansville near Oakhill RD and Lynch RD. Noone seems to be able to explain these noises. the ones we heard were multiples. 3 or 4 loud booms. Sometimes rattling the house.

  2. ben gamble says:

    there were many on fb asking what the booms were was going on all day from about 2 till late that day…i was about 15 miles from town (henderson tx) and people in town were hearing them and even reported it to the police station…they even claimed their windows shook

  3. bman says:

    We have been hearing it frequently here recently in Alabama. Here locally the last few days close to mid day we hear an explosion, nothing ever found of it throughout the city.

  4. Wendy says:

    Booms reported in Blue Ash Ohio were being reported but the city wrote them off as setting off fireworks for a company celebration. ((In the middle of the day???))

    Comments below include one person who was nearby and said they saw no lights, just loud booms and some smoke. Maybe a coincidence. Maybe not.

  5. Chris says:

    Nantucket Mass .2 heard here, sounded like sonic booms.Sound barrier being broken maybe,actually shook the windows.

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